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Empowering parents to lead healthy lives and thrive alongside their kids by teaching realistic tools and strategies to sustain a healthy lifestyle through all seasons of life. 

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Are you ready to start living the healthy life you always imagined?  

Modern life is tough - especially for parents (we're parents too, we know!). 

Everywhere you look, you’re bombarded with all the things you "should" or "need" to be doing to maintain your optimal health. 

But these things feel unattainable.  You get burnt out just trying to maintain overly demanding fitness programs or impractical diets (especially when you’re catering to the different eating preferences of everyone in your house!). 


You’re completely drained and when it comes to your health, you feel like there’s no joy factor and your goals feel impossibly out of reach.


You feel exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated and maybe a little (or a lot) defeated trying to do it all.

We get it because we've been there too.

But what if it wasn't that hard?

What if healthy living while parenting could feel easy, stress-free, purposeful...enjoyable (gasp!)?

We're here to tell you it CAN be!


Keep reading to learn more.

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Imagine this...


It’s Wednesday morning.


You're making a hot cup of tea or coffee and the house is quiet. You’ve already checked off your three priority self-care items on your to-do list for the morning.

When your kids wake up, you’re ready to fully receive them because your needs are covered. You eat a healthy breakfast with them.


You go through your morning with an abundance of energy. You feel great.


When it’s time for lunch, you grab the meal you prepped over the weekend. 


Your afternoon with the kids feels full, but you’re cool as a cucumber because you’re not stressing about dinner or desperate for some you-time.


Dinner time rolls around and you pull your prepped ingredients out of the fridge and throw a delicious meal together in under 30 minutes. 


After dinner, you throw on your favorite tune and the whole family has a 5 minute dance party. 💃


After the kids are in bed, you move through your wind-down routine and go to sleep ready to ease into the next day. 


If this - or something like it - is what you crave

we’re here to tell you it’s all possible.

Image by Clark Van Der Beken

Stop waiting for tomorow...

That's is why we created this program - for you. 

We want that Wednesday to be your norm, and we can help you get there.


In 12 weeks, we'll help you:

  • unlock your deep motivation for getting healthy so you’ll want to keep going

  • reclaim “YOU” and your sense of identity 

  • gain clarity around your goals and make a plan to achieve them

  • learn how to make more time for yourself

  • gain confidence in the way you look and feel

  • communicate and ask for what you need from your partner 

  • establish simple systems and routines for meal planning, fitness and self-care that allow you to show up fully as your authentic self

  • harness more joy in healthy living

  • find your modern village of like-minded parents who are doing this work too


As parents, we're in the health game for the long-run.  


We want to keep up with our kids (on the soccer field, the beach...fill in the blank!) for as long as they'll let us, and we hope we'll have grandkids to do it all with too.  


We don't want to miss a beat.  And we know you want to live life to its fullest as well!

In our program, we'll show you how to create more time in your life for the healthy habits that will get you to your goal(s), how to reduce stress, and how to feel great – consistently.

You'll leave our program feeling renewed, thriving and with all the tools you need to maintain your optimal health through all the seasons of life. 


Charlie & Aisha, Educators

Dimity and Nolan modeled how fitness can co-exist with parenting and have provided doable and functional workouts that align with my belief that working out doesn’t need to be painful.


Dolores, Supermom

Dimity and Nolan are incredibly approachable. They connect with the whole person and have such a natural ease that's instantly disarming. Their energy helped lead this group into a very honest and candid ongoing conversation, always holding a safe space for us all.


Abby, Literacy Coach

The program has tons of great resources and ideas. It's been so fun meting new people and realizing we share so many of the same challenges -- realizing I’m not alone and we’re doing ok!


...start now.


In our program we dive into four main pillars: mindset, meals, movement and maintenance

Here are some of the topics we'll cover in each pillar!

  • Uncover your purpose

  • Clarify your goals

  • Create an action plan 

  • Examine your habits

  • Learn how to communicate and ask for support 


  • Learn how to create and prep a healthy meal plan for you and your family

  • Explore mindful eating

  • Create a personalized eating strategy (and scrap restrictive diets!)

  • Explore different styles of fitness

  • Get weekly group and personal training

  • Design a program you love with support

  • Make fitness fun again!


  • Learn how to maintain healthy habits and navigate obstacles (illness, vacation, etc.)

  • Reset goals if you need to

  • Create a personal self-care menu



Image by Fuu J


  • weekly live group coaching calls

  • topic-specific video modules that you can watch any time of day

  • 4 personal coaching calls (including a kick-off consultation)

  • guest expert teachers

  • weekly group fitness sessions 

  • fitness assessment and program design session with Nolan

  • ongoing nutrition support

  • a members-only group and supportive community of like-minded people

  • message support through Whatsapp 


  • a 6-week self-paced online fitness program

  • a 4-week recipe book and meal planner

  • 4+ masterclasses with guest teachers on topics like self-care, relationships and more.

  • workbooks, worksheets and more to guide your progress

  • 30 days of support after the program ends

  • And, so. much. more. 



for parents, by parents

We've spent most of our adult lives obsessed with health and fitness, both personally and professionally. 


When we had our first child in 2014, our whole world shifted. 


We couldn't spend all our free time at the gym or on the mat anymore.  Since we both worked full-time, we felt guilty going to a yoga class after work instead of spending time with our child.

Sometimes breakfast was eaten in a rush over the sink or on the go, or our dinners were reduced to our kids' leftovers, too tired to cook ourselves a proper meal.
We felt tired all the time, we were grumpy with each other or felt resentful when we weren't getting enough personal time.

We knew we desperately needed a change.


So, slowly we picked up the pieces.  We drew on everything we'd learned and knew and started developing and implementing some practices together that gradually transformed our lives.  

It wasn't a quick-fix and we continue to work at it because healthy living is a lifetime practice. But that doesn't mean it has to always feel hard or draining.

In fact, we've learned to make it simple and fun!


Now, we feel our best even with the limited time we have, and we're passionate about helping other parents learn to lead healthy lives with ease and confidence just like we did. 

The fullness of your life shouldn't prevent you from living life to its fullest.

Whether you've got a toddler or you're sending your kids off to college, we're here to help you renew your health and fitness and put the joy factor back into healthy living.

Are you ready to join us? 

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Book a 30-minute discovery call with us so that we can talk about your needs and determine if this program is the right fit for you (if it's not, we have other offerings that might be a better solution!).


If you know this is what you want, you can head to our application page and complete a questionnaire. We'll follow up with payment details if we think this program is a good fit for you after reading your responses.

A Modern Village

As a parent, having support from other parents is so powerful. 


One of core values in our work is community, and community is an important part of our group-coaching program.  By bringing parents together in this work, we're creating the modern village.

Each program is limited to 10 people so that we can provide a safe container for you to grow and support each other.  

We encourage you to join the program with your partner or friends.


Our clients say that they love being able to do this work alongside their partner to hold each other accountable and it gives them an opportunity to get to know their friends even better! 

If you're interested in inviting your partner or friends to join you, let us know so that you can get a discount! 

Image by Victoria Morgan

Abby, Literacy Coach and Mom of 2 (4 and 6)

"Dimity and Nolan operate like a motivational mirror for their clients, reflecting back the possibility of a better, brighter, healthier “you.” With their help, I have tried new things and put practices into motion that I never would have discovered on my own, and I now am able to see my health and wellness from all angles."

We can't wait to support you

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